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Drug & Alcohol testing programs

  • Computerized random selection process.
  • Providing our clients with independent certified laboratory analysis.
  • Certified Medical Review Officer (MRO).
  • Experienced and qualified breathalyzer technician.
  • U.S. government-approved Certified Medical Review Officer (MRO).
  • Expert testimony for court purposes.

DNA Genetics Testing

  • Genetic fingerprinting, using PCR technology to analyze DNA, is ideal for foolproof identity verification in cases of disputed paternity or for forensic identification.

  • Roadtest Ltd. is your complete source of DNA paternity testing services. We provide an accurate, reliable and affordable means for determining human paternity.

  • If you require DNA identity testing for court or simply for your own information, we can help. DNA paternity testing is routinely used for child custody, support payments, immigration, will estate, forensic or simply for curiosity purposes.

  • Our non-invasive bucal swabs are an easy, inexpensive and accurate testing method to determine paternity.

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